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Despite all the positive press about the economy becoming more stable and recovering, there aren’t any real signs of economic growth in the United States. Since the housing crisis of 2008, the economy has been on a continuous trend of high rises and rock bottom falls. This can’t continue indefinitely and many of the billionaires of the world are starting to take notice. George Soros is one of these billionaires and has recently starting to invest heavily in gold and precious metals.

Selling Millions

Soros is a genius at making money. He was instrumental in transitioning Hungary from a Communist oriented state in to a Capitalist one. His philanthropy is known the world over, as he invests heavily in organizations that help further the education of many. He is a master of the stock market and of hedge funds, with an eye for bringing in vast amounts of revenue that is the envy of many. When Soros started to sell millions of his own stock, investors of the world took notice. Yet many don’t seem to understand why Soros is selling these stocks. The reasons are complicated and Soros himself can only know the true reason, but a good guess can be made. He isn’t the only investor in the world to do this and he won’t be the last. However, following in his footsteps isn’t a guarantee to success but is a good path to follow. Soros is more than just a hedge fund manager and an investor, he is a man who uses a lifetime of experiences to help see the future.

A Golden Opportunity

Soros has seen the roller coaster history of economics over the last fifty years. With his experience and intuition, Soros knows what is about to hit the world on an economic level. If this master of the stock market is investing heavily in gold, it stands to reason that the average investor should follow suit. Soros and other billionaires are divesting themselves of stock at an astounding rate, with much of that money going in to gold and precious metals. This should give the average investor a bit of pause, to think about what the future holds and what information isn’t being shared. A man with the resources that Soros possesses will have no trouble finding out data and information that isn’t available to the common investor. This helps to lay out a plan of action that every person should follow.

Do the billionaires know something we don’t know?

With both recent and long-term gains, it’s no wonder that the top investors in the world are continuing to dump millions into silver and gold. George Soros recently upped his gold holdings to over $130 million. John Paulson has over 44% of his billion dollar fund tied to gold. Warren Buffett famously bought 130 million ounces of silver several years ago, giving him ownership of 37% of the total silver in the world at the time. But he has also famously missed out on gold… and some refer to it as Buffett’s biggest blunder. But lately, there are rumors that he is changing his stance on gold.

Be Cautious

When looking for a good company to use for this investment opportunity, it is wise to be careful about the companies that are available. Soros has his own company and resources to buy gold. The average person has to have a go between, companies full of investors with sharp minds that want to help the customer. There are numbers of horror stories about investors buying ETF’s that are just good old pump and dump scams and some aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. However, there is one company that top investors trust year after year and it’s reflected by their A+ BBB rating and recent #20 listed on Inc 500 company under financial services.

Regal Assets is one of these companies, among the many that are available from which to choose. This is a company with a proven record of accomplishment, one that puts the customer first and foremost. Services such as investing in gold and precious metals are a cut above the rest, but Regal Assets also offers other options that should be used for anyone wanting to invest.

Gold IRA

Regal Assets is a company that helps consumers roll over their 401k or regular Individual Retirement Account in to a gold based IRA. A gold-based IRA is based on something that is physical, such as gold coins and bullion, instead of currencies that are increasingly becoming virtual in nature. Having a gold IRA as a retirement plan will help a person ride out any financial storm that will eventually hit the world. Regal Assets handles this process well, treating each customer with respect. With a gold IRA, a customer can be assured financial stability will be his even in the roughest times.

Being like George Soros

When a billionaire like George Soros takes a certain action, everyone else should consider his actions. His investments in to gold could be a precursor to rough times in the USA. Since he is selling stocks specifically from American companies, the future doesn’t look bright for everyone involved. It is better to bet on George than bet on investors that aren’t perceptive enough to read the future. With this advice, companies like Regal Assets can help the average consumer create a future that won’t be damaged by the oncoming economic storm.

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